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On top of being incredibly affordable, the menu items at Costco seemed pretty big. My slice of cheese pizza was the size of my head. The frozen yogurt came in a large cup and was filled beyond the top of the container. The churro, which we measured, came out to about 18 inches long. The hot dog was the most "average" in portion size — it seemed to be about the size you'd find at a grocery store. This was so delicious. I loved the frozen yogurt and would go back to the food court just for that, especially on a hot summer day.

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The pizza slice was also delicious. It was pleasantly greasy, the crust was on the thinner, crispier side, and the cheese was browned just right.

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How to get a free IKEA meal (including those delicious meatballs) – but there are a few catches

According to my trusty assistant Matthew, the hot dog was delicious but on its own, it wasn't particularly filling. A side of French fries might've been nice, but Costco's menu didn't offer those or any other side dishes. The churro was tasty, but I wish it had been served with a chocolate sauce or some sort of jam for dipping because it was a bit dry on its own.

Still, for just a dollar, it was a pretty great grab-and-go snack. The hot dog was fairly average but tasty. Paige Bennett The prices can't be beaten here. The only small downside was the limited menu — I wish we'd been able to choose from more food items.

Each screen was loaded with food options. As expected on a Saturday afternoon, Ikea was already bustling with shoppers and diners alike. Luckily, my Ikea had two fast-moving lines, multiple cashiers, and plenty of open tables in its cafeteria, so it didn't take long to get food and grab a seat.

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As soon as we got in line, there were glass cases filled with plenty of desserts, salads, and cold items, like wraps and sandwiches. In addition to having both cold and hot dishes, Ikea's menu also featured some organic food, plant-based dishes, and even kids' meals.

I liked getting to see the food before I bought it. Since there were so many food options at Ikea, we ended up getting more food to try here than we did at Costco. Still, the food was very affordable. The dessert was the perfect size.

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After seeing the jumbo portion sizes at Costco, I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit underwhelmed to see Ikea's average-size servings of food. Still, the portion sizes weren't an issue since we had such a huge menu to choose from and wanted to sample so many dishes. This whole spread of food was fairly affordable. We decided to start with dessert and I'm glad we did — all three of Ikea's sweets were delicious. The blueberry mousse was slightly tangy and smooth with a bit of crunch from the oat topping.

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The berry cheesecake was sweet, creamy, and fruity with a pleasantly crispy graham-cracker crust. The marzipan cream cake had a melt-in-the-mouth texture and was sweet but not too sweet. Matthew taste-tested the chicken tenders and said they were pretty good and on par with what you'd find any other restaurant. We also enjoyed the Swedish meatballs, a true Ikea staple. I had the vegetable-ball entree and it was pleasantly large and included a few different sides. Date : 18th July Price: RM 4. Date: 22nd July Price: RM 8.

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Date: 23rd July Price: RM Date: 24th July Price: No price fam, free ah! Date: 25th July Price: RM 8. Date : 26th July Price : Wei, free again! Date: 30th July Price: RM 9. Available for customers only.

Date: 2nd August Price: RM 9. Send your resume to career foodie. Related Articles. August 30, August 15, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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